Top Three Best Free Android Game 2018

Welcome to our best free Android games 2018. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at some of the trending android mobile game for the year 2018. Last year, we perform the same exercise. If you missed last year edition, we recommend going back to peruse it. So, will any of the games that made last year list of top free games for Android make it this year? To find out keep reading.

Before we proceed any further, we do like to state that the list for Android games you are about to view is based upon our personal opinion and experiences. We understand that some folks may not agree with our opinion. Well, that’s okay and normal.

Okay! Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get started.

Best Free Android Games 2018: our top 5 List

Roblox – Anyone could have seen that coming. It was not that hard to figure out why it made the list of best free android games 2018. If you are an active gamer, then you should have no trouble understanding why Roblox is top on our list. The game was released in late 2014. Since then, Roblox has slowly but steadily climbed the game chart. Today, it ranks among as one of the most played game on Google Play Store. With over 100 million in download, you would agree without objection that Roblox deserve the number 1 spot on our list of hottest Android Games in 2018.

best free android game 2018Candy Crush – second on our list is candy crush. Candy crush is perhaps one of the oldest games standing. It is not easy to come across anyone that has not heard about candy crush. Yes, that how popular the game is. Candy crush is a puzzle game. You are expected in the game to align cubes of same color in the same row or column. Successfully aligning the cube destroys them.

Asphalt 9 – third on our list is the famous car racing mobile game. I cannot remember how long its been since I started playing asphalt 8. Recently, they have upgraded to asphalt 9 and the game just became more exciting and fun. In the game there are a lot of options and customization which racers can perform. There are cars from popular brands. Popular car brands like Toyota, Honda, Audi and so on. Aside from the option to choose different brand of cars, players can upgrade and customize their racing cars to their preferences.