Five Reasons You Should Start Playing Mobile Game

When it comes to the reasons why anyone should be constantly playing computer and mobile game, the reasons are endless! Yes, I could go on and on talking about them in this article without ending. Well, that won’t be the case! It is my intension to keep this article as simple and short as possible. That way, we won’t deviate from the many reasons why anyone should start trying out some of the cool mobile games available on Google Play Store. Are you excited to learn about the benefits that you can derive from actively indulging in mobile game? If you then keep reading to find out the full gist.

Helps in Unwinding – Playing game is the next best thing to do after a hectic day at the office. I don’t know about you but for me, Android games provide a means of escaping from the turbulent world of worries to a blissful virtual world where anything is possible. Games like Roblox which is all about creating and designing your preferred virtual world makes unwinding even more exciting. If you have not been unwinding after a hectic day at the office with some of the best Android and iOS game, we suggest you begin doing so. You will surely come back and thank Us. Take our words for it.

Makes Waiting Easy and less Bored – Can you recall those awful moments you are all alone at the train or bus station, waiting for your bus to arrive? Those can be very boring and uneventful. Especially, if you are all by yourself. Well, you don’t have to pass through such awful moments again. You could choose to enjoy your favorite game while awaiting the arrival of your bus or train as the may be. You will surprise at how time flies when you are busy playing different games. I do same most times in the lecture hall while waiting the arrival of our lecturer.

Additionally, you can also choose to indulge yourself in some of the hottest and trending games while on board your flight to a long destination. In the absence of someone to gist with, your game can fill in the gap. So, when next you are traveling, don’t forget to load your phone with good and interesting games that will be your companion throughout the entire trip.

Three Best Trending Android Game You Should try

A lot of people might have issue selecting which game to install on their phone. So, before we go, here are some of the best Android games that I have personally tried out. From my personal experience, I think other people will not have a hard time falling in love with the game as well.

Candy Crush GameCandy Crush Saga – My all-time favorite! I have been on Candy crush for more than two years now. Want to know whats interesting? I’m not yet bored playing the game. If you are someone that loves solving puzzles, then you wont have a hard time falling in love with Candy Crush.

Score Hero – A Must-Have for all football fans and lovers. I can see or imagine any reason why anyone that loves football would not naturally be attracted to Score Hero. Just as the name implies, Score hero is all about scoring goals! You are required to bring your goal scoring tactics to the playing field to compete with others. There are a number of reasons why you will never look back once you start playing Score Hero.

Asphalt 9 GameAsphalt 9 – The list of hot trending games would not be complete without adding at least one car racing game. And the Car racing game we have decided to add to the list of best Android Games is Asphalt 8. The game is simply addictive and interesting. You get choose from a collection of popular car brands and models. Asphalt 9 is also a must-have for all those that love racing and driving in the real world. The one thing about asphalt 9 game that you can’t miss is the High Definition Graphics that graces the game. The sound of the car engine when the gear is changed is simply pleasing to the ears. I could go on and on. But why leak all the funs before you even get a chance to try out the game.

So, in summary, depending on your hobbies and preferences pick any of the games mentioned above and try. you will surely come back to thank us for the Mobile Game recommendation.

Boost Your Gaming Experince with the Best Gaming Phones

Welcome to our Best Gaming Phones Guide!

A lot of folks have mixed feelings when it comes to how well they enjoy playing games on their mobiles devices. A lot of factors could be responsible for the poor gaming experiences. In today’s article, we will be shading light on how you could boost your gaming experience. The angle we will be discussing is on mobile devices. a lot of folks are using the wrong kind of phones to play games. From our experience, using the wrong kind of phone can result in poor gaming experiences. You have to determine the right gaming gadgets for your style.

Below we go into in-depth details on how you can choose the right gadgets for nice gaming experience.

Best Gaming Phones: How to Choose the Right Brand

best gaming phones

Mobile Phone – There is no compromise here! Without phone, it literally become impossible to enjoying exciting games on the go. So, start by getting yourself a good mobile phone. Believe me, you will be doing yourself more good than harm. While we are still at the subject of mobile phone, let’s go into a bit more details. We want to talk about details you should keep in mind when planning to get a new gaming handset. Why? Because not all phones are designed for gaming purposes. Some phones are designed for solely multimedia consumption. Using such devices to play HD games can result in poor gaming experience.

So, now you understand why you must be careful to ensure that the right gaming handset is picked! The next question would be; how do you find the right gaming handset? The answer is simple and straightforward. Below we have laid down basic guidelines for choosing the best mobile phone for gaming purposes. Be sure you follow the guidelines to the end.

Processor – the very thing you should observe is the kind of processor a phone is packing under the hood. The size of processor makes all the difference on whether you will be enjoying playing your games or not. The bigger the processor the faster and better your experience will be. The reverse is the case with phones packing smaller processing power. To be on the safe side, ensure that your ideal phone has nothing less than 2.5 GHz processing speed. Bigger is better but should not fall below 2.5 GHz.

RAM – Moving away from the processor, lets talk about the RAM size. RAM is where your commands are stored before being sent to the processor. How fast your request are received and processed is a function of your RAM size. That is why, for a fast response time you should choose phones with bigger RAM. How big should your RAM be? Well, there is no definite number. But one thing is certain, your RAM size should not fall below 2 GB. If not, your whole gaming experience will not be something worth looking forward to.